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Hearing Doctors of Iowa provides specialized care in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus. A doctor of audiology is specifically trained to gather the proper diagnostic measurements to plan a treatment process for your condition. In addition to a doctorate degree in audiology, Dr. Dimmick is a certified tinnitus specialist as well as a licensed hearing instrument specialist.


  • Evaluation of hearing loss
  • Evaluation of tinnitus
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing aid programming
  • Hearing aid repair
  • Occupational hearing testing
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Custom ear monitors

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How can I tell if my hearing aids are set right?

This is a question we hear every day! Hearing aid settings are based on a number of factors including your hearing test results, experience with hearing aids, the hearing aid capabilities, and the programming experience of the practitioner. The biggest variable to consider is the attention to programming. The most sophisticated hearing aid can be limited by the experience of the professional. At Hearing Doctors of Iowa, we have an objective measurement (like an x-ray) that can measure the behavior of the hearing aid. This tells us if there is room for improvement in the hearing aid programming for your specific needs.

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